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October 19, 2006



Larry should stick to marketing consulting and leave the "technology" to others who can "figure stuff out."

The Siebel article Bodine references from last month's Law Technology News and Should Lawyers Use Macs (http://www.lacba.org/Files/LAL/Vol29No8/2297.pdf) from the current issue of Los Angeles lawyer magazine are much more enlightened, useful and informed looks at the role of the Mac in the legal profession.


That was a great post. I enjoyed the insight. I use a Mac heavily in my trial practice. I use "Notebook" as my case management tool. I use the iLife suite and Keynote to prepare much of my evidentiary audio-visual displays for trial. A friend convinced me to try the Mac about two years ago. Since I bought my first 12" Powerbook (which I still have), I have had five Macs, and I currently use a MacBook as my primary machine. I was intrigued by your suggestion that you will be testing OpenOffice.org. I find OpenOffice.org and the OpenDocument Format to be very enticing. I am excited about Massachusetts decision to adopt the ODF for all government transactions. The main roadblock that I see to OpenOffice.org being adopted by the legal community is its lack of ability to create a Table of Authorities for federal filings.

Check out this article on OpenOffice.org from the perspective of a law office technology guru.

Stanley feldman

The increasing popularity of Macs has been exciting. At the 2005 Bar Convention, the technology speaker asked for a showing of hands of those using Macs in their law practices. Cindy Floyd and I raised our hands. The speaker commented that it was twice as many as the year before. I do my own pleadings, briefs and memos, so use of a Mac has always been somewhat of a "no-brainer." Not only is it easier, it is more fun and often doesn't seem like work at all, not to mention the cool factor of being "different." and having the apple light up when the computer is open.

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