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January 23, 2007


Victor Medina

Great post. Extremely useful information and something that I didn't already know. Thanks - VJM

Stacey Warren

Great post! Any idea how this affects the USB drive if it's used on a Windows PC?

I keep a so-called "CommonPlace" book (a fancy term for an all-in-one reference list/journal/to do list) on my USB drive in a TiddlyWiki, which is basically a hyperlinked, souped-up text file. The beauty of it is that it lets me easily transport my data back and forth between my home iMac (love it) and my office Windows laptop (detest it).

Any idea whether encrypting the USB drive data via your Mac method would affect the ability to access it when plugged into a PC?

Love your blog. I keep it on my list of "must-reads" in Bloglines.

rob quackenbush

Thank you...this is just the information I was looking for!

San Francisco Doctor

Superb post, thank you. Worked like a charm. I am always "shuttling" between my office and home computer so I keep ALL my documents on a thumb drive so they are with me when I need them. Your suggestions just made things a lot more secure. You would think Mac would want to explain this process in detail, but the Disk Utility help file is of little value. Your instructions were spot on and easy to follow.

Bentley Skeie


I just did this. The only item I would add is to make sure your thumbdrive is formatted for Mac OS Extended.

I tried this first with the drive formatted for Fat32 and the disk image would not copy or be created. Once I reformatted to Mac OS Extended, it worked like a charm.

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