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February 15, 2007


Joey Heape

Ben, excellent article!!

One of our board members is looking to switch to a mac. Of course, he is being told that it won't work easily in a windows network environment. I told him about you at the Bar convention.

I may send him your way for pointers.


Daniel C. Estes

Welcome, David. Joining the growing group of attorneys using Macs is like joining a twelve-step program for people whose lives are getting better all the time.

I have a civil litigation practice involving construction litigation, personal injury and miscellaneous torts and have been using a Powerbook G4 for about two years. Now, I was put on to it by my father who runs a company serving Apple wireless needs. www.quickertek.com

I also have been able to use the Microsoft(!) remote desktop connection to get remote access to my firms windows based network. It actually works flawlessly with a fast internet connection. Keynote is just plain slick compared to powerpoint, but there are trial presentation programs out there for mac, I just have not tried any yet.

The more you work with it the more impressed you will be and before long others will be asking you for advice on whether they should make the change.

Grant Griffiths

Great guest post. I enjoy reading about those new to the Mac world. For those trying to decide to make the switch, they need to read this post.

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