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October 05, 2007


Grant Griffiths

And some would say we are crazy for owning and using Macs. Just one more example of how Apple and the Mac can actually save a law firm time and money.


Now I'm a fanboy too, but this is actually the illustration of why Apple is not ready for the real world of corporate IT. Dell and Lenovo have service plans where the tech will come out to your business. Sure it is exorbitant but it is sold right from the Large biz checkout webpage. 72 hours down time is unacceptable for a partner. A tech needs to be out there in two hours to personally trouble shoot and take it with him that day.
My hope is that with the sales success there will soon be a sufficient critical mass of users that this level of service will become an option.

Al Moore


I'm using a Imac with extended keyboard. My extension numbers do not function. All other keys work fine.

Any ideas?


AL Moore

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