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June 17, 2008



I wish I could buy the iMac but I don't like the display (iGlare). Instead, I'm going to order a much pricier Mac Pro. Ugh. The mini will serve you well as a file server, but it has only one hard drive so you'll need a good backup plan. We recently migrated from a mini to a Mac Pro with 4 hard drives and an Apple RAID card for our file server. We felt the redundancy was worth the money since we all work off the file server and don't store any files on our local hard drives.


I'm curious how your legal assistants will find the glossy screens, when used in a job that requires them to stare at a glossy screen for many hours per day. In my case, I use an older Intel iMac for my legal practice. Since I cannot tolerate glossy screens, I am forced to keep using my old-generation white iMac with the matte screen, and keep using them as long as they last. Although I would want to upgrade to the latest iMacs, I simply cannot, because I cannot tolerate the glossy screens since my job involves literally starring at the screen for many hours per day. Apple are showing their arrogance by removing the matte, antiglare screen option, when online polls show that a substantial majority of people prefer matte screens.

In a MacPoll.com poll, 44% preferred matte. 32% preferred glossy.

Try the following google searches:

"refuse to buy" glossy imac
"will not buy" glossy imac
"cannot buy" glossy imac
"cannot stand glossy" imac
"will not get" glossy imac
"won't buy" glossy imac

"hate glossy" imac
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"do not like glossy" imac
"dislike glossy" imac
"detest glossy" imac
"cannot use a glossy" imac
angry glossy imac
shit glossy imac
"glossy crap" matte imac
"cannot stand glossy" matte imac

"I prefer matte" imac
"I like matte" imac
"bring back matte" imac
"I need matte" imac
glossy matte livid imac
"eyes start to hurt" glossy matte imac
"eyes hurt" glossy matte imac
"get a headache" glossy matte imac

Grant D Griffiths

Another new Mac is coming to the MacLawyer? Is there something in the air?

William Jackson

You can buy stick on screen filters that give a glossy display a matte finish, but I am not sure where to get them off the top of my head.


Anti-glare filters are available from photodon.com -- although a google search for reviews and end-user comments indicates that not everyone finds them satisfactory.


If you decided to use the Mac mini as a file server (assuming it is running Leopard), how have you dealt with the permissions issue? Did you upgrade the OS to Leopard Server?

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