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July 18, 2008



I have had mine a week.

My biggest complaint is battery power consumption. However that said the phone is spectacular.

Dale Strauss

Today is day ten, and I second the high praise for the iPhone 3g.

As a brief update to my guest post, the battery is a significant issue. Our Exchange Server was down over the weekend, and when using my 3g for surfing on EDGE (1-2 hrs), gaming (1 hour) and a couple of dozen phone calls a day, battery lasted from 7 am to 10pm with 1/3 to 1/2 battery left...push email may be the achilles heel for the 3g battery.


One I truly love is the post script Sent From My iPhone.

A friend of mine said that I could remove that. I replied why would I want to? (I get so sick of the "Sent from my Blackberry" email I get. It's one-upsmanship.)

Nick Smith

I wish you could copy and paste with it.

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