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September 29, 2008


Christopher N Luhn

I am waiting -- not very patiently -- for Apple to add hands-free, voice-activated dialing to the iPhone's roster of features. Clearly, the iPhone would spare us the aggravation of dealing with the sync issues that plague BlackBerry/Mac interaction, but not being able to safely use the iPhone behind the wheel of a car is a deal-breaker, at least here in New York. (Against the law or not, anyone who initiates a hands-on call, or holds a phone to their head while driving is not terribly smart to begin with.) So, c'mon Apple: do the right thing and give us a Bluetooth capable, hands-free iPhone. PLEASE!


The Iphone is just another example of copied technology thats way past its prime, as was the Ipod and the Macncrap.

Do you know that phones have been around for years that actually have guidance GPS? Did you know you could have just bought a phone years ago, slapped in a memory card and stored tons of mp3's on it? and movies... and games...

The only people that buy apple products are dweebs with zero tech knowledge, otherwise known as sheeple.

Did you hear that apple is coming out with a new vacuum cleaner? Its called the Isuck. All the rage.

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