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October 20, 2008


Blake Boyd

Great Post. I spend countless hours explaining this to people as well!

Windows on bootcamp is no different than windows on a dell.

Paul Meyerson

Very useful blog, Ben. As a Mac consultant for a bankruptcy firm in NYC, I've been following your blog for years.

Here are some additions to make boot camp extra useful:

1, grab a copy of "MacDrive" by Mediafour:


This lets you read/write your mac volume from the windows side. No reason to copy your iTunes twice--just point windows's version of iTunes to your library and tell it not to copy the data (e.g., just add it.). This app is immeasurably useful for heavy boot camp users.

2, On the Mac side, you will likely want to format your PC volume NTFS to take advantage of volumes larger than 32 GB. This allows you to read the PC volume from the Mac side, but not read it (at least, last I checked it didn't--Leopard updates may have changed that). If you want to be able to write to your larger PC, grab a copy of NTFS for OS X, by Paragon Software:


For heavy boot camp users, these two tools are really essentials.

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