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October 10, 2008


Ware Cornell

Evernote is an incredibly important web-based application. I first used it on my old Windows Mobile T-Mobil MDA. The iPhone application is nice but it needs to be installed on all your computers.

Jott has recently gone out of beta, but it is not terribly expensive. It freaks people out when I dictate short emails to clients, or my assistant or myself.

I am thinking of buying an expense tracker program called Jet Stream. Anyone know anything about it?

Ware Cornell

The iPhone expense tracking program I asked about is JetSet not Jet Stream. I downloaded it yesterday.

The really cool thing about it is it uploads the report to Google Documents where you can save it as an Excel spreadsheet (fully importable to Pages and Quickbooks). You can also email it to yourself or your assistant.

It provides for photo capturing of receipts, something you can do in Evernote, but Evernote is not a dedicated expense tracking program

Lawyers tend not to be road warriors like sales representatives but we do incur expenses and the option of saving it on your iPhone.

At $9.99 it is at the top end of what I will pay for an iPhone application, but I expect it to pay for itself quickly.

Gustavo Justus

It looks like Air Sharing is not a free app anymore.

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